Sunday, 4 October 2015

Early October

 Whoopers on the move over The Shunan

 and Pinkies over Palace

 Mepit numbers are reducing after the September peak

 The kitchen rocket continues to attract hovers, female Syrphus ribesii (other photos show the hind femur)

Female S.torvus/vitripennis (tricky to split)

But here's a deadly threat to the rocket, Pieris brassicae

Still good numbers of Eristalis pertinax, Helophilus pendulus about with the occasional E. arbustorum. No sign this year of any E.tenax.

The mothe trap has produced a few interesting and late beasts including this Seriocomya silentis

and some moths even...
 Acleris sparsana

Depressaria radiella

This wee dipteran is Pseudolyciella sp apparently, possibly pallidiventris, also in the moth trap.

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Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I like photographing hoverers as well. I like the footballer! Still a lot of Eristialis here, and in Scotland too