Saturday, 17 October 2015

Sunrise - sunsetting

The dangers of rural photography - it's ok I was safe indoors having a cuppa at the time...


Dawn of a good birding day with Sibe Chiff and Yellow-browed Warbler in the same bush at Barony Mill, 10 points in 10 seconds! (Patchwork Challenge reference.) There was a Little Stint on the beach too.

Dusk on the Saturday evening, so still, Loch of Harray.

Other pictures....

 Brick and Rosy Rustic

 Opilione, I'll get around to an ID shortly


I expect Stonechat to breed here again next year, wiped out after the 2010 -2011 winter they only began to reappear in Harray last autumn but are currently a more regular sight.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Beautiful dawn shots, and lovely birds!

Alastair said...

Thanks Simon, I hadn't got your reference to "footballer" until someone hear called Helophilus pendulus that the other day, understand that now.