Sunday, 28 February 2016

Less flu, a few birds

Still not entirely well but have managed a few short walks around the patch, and had to go out to get some hay for the ponies.

Spring is beginning to happen, even this far north. Pink-feet were moving Friday evening and Saturday with small skeins heard over the house in the dark and birds seen and heard during the day. Woodpigeons have been moving through with a maximum of 14 today. A large flock of Fieldfares flew WNW around midday today. Greenfinch are singing.

I had to head out  this afternoon as we had run out of hay for the ponies. As we pulled out of the farmyard with our trailer stacked high with bales the field opposite was being ploughed and hundreds of gulls had arrived just in the few minutes we had been loading up.

Amongst the mass of Common Gulls, fair numbers of Black-headed Gulls and a few Herring Gulls there was a single 2cy Lesser Black-backed Gull.

Now, spot the Ice...

Lovely adult Iceland Gull, bit easier to see in this picture.

A few other images...


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