Sunday, 27 March 2016


I really don't like this changing the clocks business, it's rubbish! It throws me out for a day at least. It is a sign that the year is moving on, you wouldn't guess it today with a blow gusting close to 60mph. I'll avoid going out until it eases.

Can barely see the niger feeder.

It has been calm recently, so calm yesterday that it was worth a stop to look into Kirkwall Bay from west of Hatston. Viewing opportunities have been improved here recently with the construction of new roads to extend the industrial estate but the best viewing point is still the slightly difficult to access gateway to the west. 38 Great Northerns, 6 Velvet Scoter, 4 Slav Grebes were the highlights though a beefy young Peregrine tried to steal the show. Pied Wags and Mepit could all be heard from the surrounding fields, a sign that spring really is here.

The previous weekend Mollie, Liam and I walked up to Russadale Quarry after nosing around Happy Valley. There were signs of spring, more Goldcrests at Happy Valley, having found two in the garden the previous day, a flowering primrose, Robins singing. Coming back down from the quarry there were a pair of Stonechats.


 Oh no!



Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Always love the slightly unhappy look of a goldcrest caused by that downcurved black line on its face

Alastair said...

I'm always pleased to see Goldcrests here, nice to have them in the garden this spring, that didn't happen last year.