Saturday, 8 October 2016

A garden full of Redwing

The Redwings and Blackbirds arrived in force today to set about our Swedish Whitebeam.

There were at least 7 and maybe as many as 15 Brambling as well.

A new (presumably) Yellow-browed Warbler called from next door but I couldn't see it, a Goldcrest, at least two and probably four Fieldfare and at least 20 but most likely 40 or so Blackbirds made up the supporting cast.

At Palace all I could find were five or so Goldcrest but I would bet that there is something else there, I'll have another look tomorrow.

First thing I'd needed to be a taxi so had headed on from Stromness to get a few things in Kirkwall. While I was there I went to have a look at the American Wigeon reported in the week. I've subsequently found the excellent photos on line and it seems ok from them I think, it bothered me somewhat at the time. The photos show dark grey centres to the coverts of the axillaries, I can't find out if that is ok or not. The background colour to the face was quite gingery from the photos online. Light was awful but this isn't too bad.

Interestingly the drake was consorting with a rather grey headed duck. I probably ought to go back and have another look at that.

Not much at Palace, just a few Goldcrest and a Stonechat, I would guess that there is something else lurikng there somewhere.

Still a few hovers about, Eristalis pertinax, two in the garden and two Melanostoma scalare, a male and a female. A single unidentified Heliophillus. A single Painted Lady today.

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Simon Douglas Thompson said...

THe red wing are beautiful! I heard a bit of overhead tweeping the other night so I'm guessing they are around down here.

Yellow browed warblers being reported from everywhere, it feels like.