Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Western Orphean Warbler

So I had a meeting in Kirkwall. Getting ready to leave a few jumbled texts came through, reception is hopeless at work and I've increasingly had issues with Voda getting them to me a day or so late. It seemed as if there might be an Orphean Warbler in Finstown (just on the way to the meeting). Clearly it was time for lunch!

I scooted off pronto and thanks to some help from MR directing me to the appropriate spot I was soon watching a Western Orphean Warbler, a species I'd never expected to see in the UK. As I recall I think I've only seen one in Spain.

 Look at the bill on that!

Western Orphean Warbler

I went back after the meeting and got some more views too. It dwarfed a Blackcap when it was beside one. The second photo shows the undertail, note the uniform pinky buff plumage which splits it from Eastern, nice.

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