Monday, 30 January 2017

Kirkwall protest


Dylan Wrathall said...

All highly laudable - don't see too many Muslims wanting to re-settle in Kirkwall, so this protest is simply going with the flow. The island residents being seen to do what is right? Down here, there are real issues which need addressing. Banning Muslims, Buddhists, Orthodox Jews, Romanian, Lithuanian, Russian, Polish or Estonian, for that matter, is not a realistic option - humanity needs to have a massive rethink about what is important, culturally, and accept that there will always be those looking over the fence at a place where the grass is greener!
The election of Donald J Trump is a demonstration of how disenfranchised the working class has become with the global elite. America has only itself to blame, the electoral system they use is not representative of the majority, yet it has worked OK up until now? Trump is a disaster waiting to happen. Millions of people taking to the streets of the UK will, however, not change anything - be it Kirkwall or Ramsgate? The democratic process has decreed that this clown is now the 45th president of the USA. Rant and rave as much as we like - Donald Trump didn't enter the presidential race to lose. He has been given the mandate, just as Barak Obama and Ronald Regan (another celebrity goon) beforehand, by winning a competition according to the rules. It speaks volumes of the discontent within, rather than any frailty with the the electoral processes of, the USA?
Trump is saying what many are thinking, but will never be a statesman as long as he's able to draw breath!

Alastair said...

Dylan, I don't quite get your first point. For me, going along to the vigil was an act of solidarity with Americans opposed to Trump and solidarity with the innocent people that are caught up in what he is acting against (in a rather prejudiced, provocative and unintelligent manner in my view). Also, a bit of solidarity with my daughter and her friends who asked me to take them to support this vigil. I would agree with the disenfranchisement of working class people though. The Democrats made a bad mistake selecting Clinton, someone with far too much dubious history, and vulnerable to exactly the attacks that Trump made, many Americans felt they just did not have any real choice.