Sunday, 22 January 2017

Winter Moth

Winter Moth, found on the outside of the MV trap on Friday evening

Gadwall building up on The Shunan

Glaucous Gulls, Loch of Harray

I've only certainly seen one Glaucous Gull on the home patch before so finding one on Loch of Harray was pleasing. It flew off, but then reappeared shortly with a friend. Despite the bill marking I think the left hand bird is a 3cy, it is very pale and appears to have a pale eye. I have had two possible Glaucous Gulls in addition to these, one of which I saw fly past the bathroom window whilst I was in the bath, no bins unfortunately, I'm not quite that obsessive.

The hawthorn hedge in late afternoon light

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Simon Douglas Thompson said...

to say it's a winter moth, doesn't look as furry as others do, you'd think it would need better insulation against the cold.