Monday, 3 April 2017

Finches and moths

Recovering from serious lurgy again which has put me out of action for a bit, other than staring out of the window; not entirely unproductively as Lesser Redpoll was added to the year total.

Other finches included four Siskins and a male Chaffinch. Up to four Goldfinch are still present.

There was a warm evening on 30th March and Louise found a Common Quaker in the garage. Somewhat more problematic is this micro which I'm not at all sure of, found in the kitchen the following evening. Initially I thought it might be Grapholita molesta but it has been suggested that is incorrect, any assistance gratefully received. (Grapholita molesta is a non-native species imported, usually on peaches.) Now correctly identified as Thaumatotibia leucotreta, False Codling Moth, usually imported on/in peppers or oranges.

Common Quaker

Thaumatotibia leucotreta, False Codling Moth
Grapholita molesta maybe?

The Rooks have been very busy and there are now 52 nests in the rookery.


The birds removed all of the Buddlia that Louise had cut down, quite comical watching them flying up ito the Sycamores with long spindly sticks.

A walk yesterday evening found two Barnacle Geese with about 1,500 Pinks just outside the patch and annoyingly not visible from within. Today a Sparrowhawk played the same trick at Palace, appearing just beyond the boundary as we walked towards Marwick. However, two Iceland gulls flying south together and a Carrion Crow amongst the Hoodie flock were some recompense.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Beautiful set of pictures. Love the redpoll and siskin, birds I've never seen

AndyC said...

Interesting looking micro ,,dont think its grapolita , will have a look later, put it on UK Micros on facebook...

Alastair said...

Andy, the moth has been identified by the county recorder as False Codling Moth, Thaumatotibia leucotreta, (imported on/in oranges and sweet peppers, thanks for taking a look.

Simon, feeding with Niger seed is the trick, especially spring and autumn, will bring in the goldfinches as well.

AndyC said...

No wonder i could not find it , smart looking micro.....