Sunday, 21 May 2017

Out and about (mostly)

Rather little yesterday as it was a grim day, mist, rain, a gale, surprised it didn't snow. A good chance to catch up on data and sorting out various identifications, although there are still a number of beetles in the fridge. In the end most data has been entered into either BirdTrack or iRecord and things have largely been identified, a few outstanding. I do like the Aphodius beetles and of the 44 UK species very few occur here, but of course what looks initially like a simple job, a red and black beetle surely that will be easy...

Yesterday brought a Large White Egret to South Ronaldsay,  very tickable but although it would be a UK tick I didn't feel very enthusiastic, thought I might be able to find it today or in the week, and didn't bother; no sign today.

The sunshine today brought out plenty of Green-veined Whites and a couple of Red Admirals, but more interestingly lots of Common Heath at Loch of Bosquoy and an interesting micro which I'm not sure I've got before, Syndemis musculana.

 Common Heath

Syndemis musculana

Lots of hoverflies today including this tiny but delightful Neoascia sp (probably podagrica).

Neoascia sp on hairy Bitter-cress

Driving lessons today took in Yesnaby, and Mollie enjoyed Scottish Primrose.

Scottish Primrose

Lots more to write about and pictures to post but time to find Crex crex, methinks.

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