Monday, 31 July 2017

Autumn has arrived

There was a Greenshank over the other day but today produced a juvvy Crossbill (nearly collided with me whilst I was doing the moths), a Siskin, and a Whimbrel over (and more Whimbrel later), mind you the Snipe was still drumming from the Shunan.

On the moth front nothing much new, the Pinion-streaked Snout from the other day was the best of the bunch recently although the two plumes that I've asked for help with may yet turn up trumps.

I've caught and photographed a few hemipterans recently and with help have a couple of identifications, this one is the Potato Capsid, Closterotomus norwegicus.

I've just finished reading The Forensic Record Society by Magnus Mills. For anyone unfamiliar with Magnus there is an interview with him here:
Very funny and very clever. I got a hardback copy, wonderfully produced as well.

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You can tell I'm on holiday, I find it very hard to read for pleasure during term time. Now embarking on a playscript All My Sons as daughter No1 has to read it for her Advanced Higher English, anyway Arthur Miller has always been one of my favourite playwrights.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

The capsid has lost his potato!

Diwakar said...
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Alastair said...

I probably ate it....