Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Lemke's Gold Spot I hope....

Whilst I was on my hols in Arran a NFM moth was Lemke's Gold Spot, I was really delighted to see this species and to be able to work out the ID for myself. Trapping the other night, first run with my new LED light in the Robinson and on the very last egg tray...

I'm pretty sure this ticks all the boxes but I have sent it to the CR for final judgement.

All the traps are out tonight, here's the LED in action, it is amazingly dim so would be good in a built up area but seems pretty effective.

The Hoy High lighthouse (actually on Graemsay) is the light in the distance.

Also new for the year was Barred Yellow, a lovely moth (but it flew off too sharpish) and Rosy Rustic.

Rosy Rustic

Numbers of Square-spot Rustic are starting to build up now and Small Square-spot and Ingrailed Clay declining.

Square-spot Rustic

I've been catching a lot of these Eudonia alpina recently, an attractive micro, and a little tricky sometimes from E. angusta (CR has been very helpful with these).

Eudonia alpina

A 1cy male Crossbill has appeared in the garden and like last year's is very tame and likes Niger seed. It uses its tongue to extract the seeds from the tiny hole in the feeder.

Also recently a Greenshank at Evie but not much else doing.

The fridge is again full of tubes as I've been sweep netting through our meadow again... insects = 15 minutes in the field and three days trying to identify the blighters.

Exam results day has passed and elder daughter is largely very happy. Far too stressful the whole malarkey if you ask me, and that's just for the parents, let alone the students.

The Honda's mystery ailment may well have been diagnosed, although I'll be towing briefly tomorrow with  still a possibility of stop/go behaviour. It's days may be numbered, I think our patience is wearing thin, to say nothing of the bank balance, 102,000 miles though. It is the annual Dounby Show and the day will be spent encouraging younger daughter and ponies. I somehow think I may avoid the Stereo Lobsters in the evening though, it tends to be an alcohol fueled event.


Imperfect and Tense said...

Tubes! Apologies, I'd forgotten. Will drop some off on 21st August (G at a meeting in school).

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

that crossbill is a stunning bird

AndyC said...

Has to be Lempke's

Alastair said...

Graeme, no bother are you going to the bio-blitz, I'm planning to so you could brig them there, or drop them off at work.

Simon, yes one dude that crossbill.

Well I think so Andy, thanks for your view, always valued.