Sunday, 1 October 2017

Brindled Ochres

One of my favourite moths, Brindled Ochre.

Angle Shades

Dark Sword-grass.

Mothing weather at last and the reward of five Brindled Ochre over the weekend, two Dark Sword-grass and a couple of Angle Shades and a Silver Y. Micros were represented by a pile of Parsnip, WSHM, a very worn Acleris and a Eudonia that escaped.

The first Blackcap of the autumn (of the year), a Chiff, a Ruff and a Blackwit. Three Little Stint were on the beach at The Links, but I didn't go there. Seawatching weather tomorrow but I'll be working.

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Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Wild day down here today...a house martin was about here!