Sunday, 8 October 2017

Three ticks...

Three bird species on the islands today that would all be ticks. The Sibe Robin and Red-eyed Vireo were both announced at 5.30 p.m. too late in the day to get near either of them. Both turned up in mist nets as well so chances would be thin. However, the Parrot X-bills that were first found on Friday performed rather well and despite the awful light and drizzle, pix were obtained. I also heard the call and got a crappy recording of it - will post that later - the pix are pretty convincing any rate.

Top two images Canon, cropped, lower ones digiscoped Olympus set to ISO 3200

At about 11 or so the two males started calling and flew off, as they went they were joined by two other likely suspects.

Also around Finstown the first Redwings I've seen this autumn.

Younger daughter had successful pony eventing day on Saturday with piles of rosettes and a trophy. Elder daughter returned from Edinburgh from interesting university open day - and a serious amount of shopping.

On Friday there was a Carrion Crow in the back field.

 Carrion Crow

 Buzzard with Raven - this marked Buzzard is likely at least 9 years old


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