Monday, 12 March 2018

Post at last

Lots of these guys still about, the one at the top was with five friends at the very smelly corpse of the Cuvier's Beaked Whale this last weekend.

The whale corpse has been here for some time.

Star bird of this last weekend was a patch tick (although I have a feeling I have seen them from the patch in the past by staring purposefully at the very distant (10 Klicks) Clestrain Sound. An adult wandering about in the road on the very perimeter, I leapt out of the car to try and catch it but it fled into a garden and I gave up. Oh, yes! A Shag.

The newly discovered Raven roost is quite impressive, well I haven't found the roost exactly but I can count them heading there, 133 at the count the previous weekend.

I need to back-fill the blog with posts, somehow it all slipped due to a variety of circumstances involving snow, vehicles, cold, more snow, stuck in Glasgow family, and of course work. Oh, and writing bits for the bird report and the Field Club.

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