Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Small beastie time

No posts in April, well it was all rather exhausting, a holiday, a rest? Might back-fill later. The vehicle situation has improved a tad but two steps forward and one back as the timing belt went on the Corsa, 33 thou, that's ridiculous - apparently a known issue. Hopefully the engine valves will be ok as it went on start up I think.

Another broken thing the Canon SX60 so bird photos are not occurring. Sent off on guarantee but no such luck as I've been using it "outside in the wind" so the dust getting in is not a guarantee matter. (Rather a lot of expletives....) This was £329 new and they want nigh on £200 to repair, I think not. I'm thinking to go for a Canon G3 which is at least dust and water "resistant" but fearsome expensive, + another £200 for a viewfinder but, I'll probably go down that road as it covers a number of bases in one go.

Some good nights out to Scottish Ballet (Highland Fling), and they came and worked with us too, brilliant. The Cuban Brothers - I'm lost for words - is it ok? I'm not sure it is, but at times very funny and weird (but also sexist and somehow "wrong", there is a race issue as well). In the end I didn't really know what to make of it all. Jon Richardson was funny though, I really enjoy that story telling about ordinary life, and how about a 20th of the population being in one room!

The garden was full of birds today - Tree Spugs, Siskin, Redpoll, Goldfinch - all good Orkney birds. Down on the Shunan the Mute Swans have mostly dispersed but a continuing nice gang of duck and smart looking Ruffs.

I've started mothing again, usual suspects but wandering around on the moor has produced four fly-by Emperor Moths (using a pheromone lure). Also more Small Tortoiseshells than I saw all last year I think.

A few beetles as well, some photos of this stuff would be nice to post but Blogger is non-functional in that respect, probably need to close the browser and start again.

hebrew Character, Common Quaker and Clouded Drab

This Agonopterix does not seem to be doable.

Nicrophorus humator - a big beastie

Bembidion tetracolum - a smaller beastie

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