Monday, 24 December 2018

Common Dolphins

Common Dolphins Finstown

These had been around for a couple of days and I had a good opportunity to drop by on Xmas Eve. Initially I was confused to the identification which seemed to have been established without especially good images. I thought they looked too large and thought their steady cruising around was more typical of Bottle-nosed Dolphin. Their flank and head markings were very difficult to see in life and in some excellent movie footage by Raymond Besant. Some still photos were then posted that showed the required markings. I was very surprised how difficult the markings on these were to see, even through a scope. Key easily visible features were the dark edged and paler centred dorsal fins and a pale band over the beak. I've not often seen this species and when I have they've been super active, high speed, leaping out of the water, obviously slimmer than B-nD (which I've seen quite a lot of). So, highly educative and... don't trust size estimates (even comparing with nearby seals that were associate feeding misled).

Otter, the Shunan

As I headed off for the dolphins, I pulled up by The Shunan as I noticed a large lump where there shouldn't be one. It stood up and revealed itself. Only the 2nd time in nine years I've seen an Otter actually in The Shunan (which I drive or walk by a few times a day).

Flammulina velutipes, Wee Wood, Harray. (Thanks for the ID JB, which I had just about arrived at myself.)

Better include at least one half decent photo!

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