Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Rough-legged Buzzard

I'd been working in Kirkwall and then just went home afterwards, picking up a battery for the Corsa on the way. Tea and homemade scones, thanks Louise. Then remembered the R-lB had been reported yesterday just five miles away at Durkadale. Fitted the new battery, jumped in the Corsa and scooted down there. Arrived with the usual thoughts of "this'll be a waste of time" (world's most pessimistic twitcher). Bird appeared right by the car after a two minute wait. Proceeded to perform up and down the road for half an hour before jousting with two Hen Harriers and disappearing. Light was rubbish as are my "in flight" photography skills but for the record... Also 65 Hoodies and 3 hybrid crows.

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