Sunday, 24 March 2019


A bit blowy up here in The North. Gusting 70mph or so. Hail, snow showers occasionally, a lot of rain, and wind that stings and knaws at you. Best stay indoors.

The Purps weren't enjoying it that much either.

Whilst out on Saturday morning I noticed some fresh cow poo on the Links so went for a delve around, two ticks straight off.

 Aphodius pedellus maybe.

Aphodius prodromus

An hour or two battling with the keys to these, I knew they were Aphodius from the start but that is not the trouble. Two keys, various tricky couplets and the dull brown one cqme out as Aphodius prodromus but the red and black one was defeating me. It keyed to pedellus but I have a sneaky feeling it could be lapponum, time to call for reinforcements I think (posted on Beetles UK but these could be on their way to Oxford).

In conteast this Xantholinus linearis came out pretty easily.

Xantholinus linearis from pine litter in our garden.

Friday night and the Field Club talk went well, although following the previous speaker talking engagingly and amusingly about her limpet studies was a bit of a short straw to be honest.

Also identified a few snails (or maybe misidentified them). Currently working on the bird report species I have to do, crows plus a few, way behind on data entry to iRecord, need to crack on and catch up.

First Pied Wags on the patch on Thursday, surely spring is nearly here.

The Shunan, dusk Thursday, a tad more peaceful than now.

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