Monday, 22 April 2019

The Clouded Drab / Red Chestnut issue

Until SS had pointed out my mididentification last week I had been blithely ignoring Red Chestnut for years (maybe). I think the problem with early season Noctuids for generalist moffers like myself, and in this location with a limited species mix, is that it is far to easy to presume things, not be quite careful enough. I had not heard of other local moffers catching Red Chestnut another pitfall potential. So follows a few photos and please do comment I have labelled these with what I think these are and why, I could well be wrong. These two species are not supposed to be confusing, but I do find them so.

Clouded Drab

Quite bright chestnut colour but ocval and kidney fit CD.

Red Chestnut

Identified by Stewart and confirmed by the CR. Small circular oval and dark marks on the leading edge of the wing, a bit of a pale line can be seen across the fore wing at the front third.

Red Chestnut

Small round oval, dark marks on the leading edge of the wing, straight leading edge of the wing, pale line across at one third. I'm confident with this one, maybe.

 Not sure, Red Chestnut maybe?

Can't really see oval and kidney, wing edge looks straight though.

Another Red Chestnut, but oval looks wrong.

Straight wing edge,and other than the oval and kidney wing markings look good for Red Chestnut.

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