Sunday, 14 February 2010

and to Evie

The plan had been to go walking on Hunda today but an exchange of texts last night indicated a start at Finstown would be of interest as AL was planning to catch some Wigeon. We arrived a little late and joined the line of vehicles waiting and watching. The Wigeon drew closer and then drifted away, then Oystercatchers on the bank gave them courage and one by one they began to come to land. Looking good. Then they all got off and went out onto the middle of the Ouse. At this point we gave up but perseverence would have paid off as 34 were later caught and ringed.

We headed east but down came the rain so we ended up visiting the Italian chapel, having a very brief stroll on a beach and returning west.

Back at Finstown the ringing exercise was being tidied up so we went to Evie.

That was a good plan Louise. Several hundred Common Gulls on the beach with a few larger cousins. Out on the sea were plenty of Long-tailed Duck and, oh ho what's this? Adult Iceland Gull. 1. I've not found Iceland Gull before (fairly amazingly really) and 2. I've not seen an adult before, not that I remember anyway. Also Great Northern Diver eating a flattie, 70 or so Twite, 40 or 50 Dunlin and 20 Ringed Plovers. Good one.

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