Sunday, 7 March 2010

Moth trapping

Running the moth trap at this very moment, overcast and still. I won't run it all night, I'm told that at this time of year the first two hours after dusk are the only productive ones ...?

I still haven't made my sugaring brew although I've bought the ingredients - one pint of Newcie Brown (how did I used to drink this stuff?), a tin of treacle and a bag of sugar. When I've boiled it up I'll add some rum too. In the past I've had a fair bit of success with sugaring so I'm hopeful this brew will do the trick.

Birds today - about 350 Curlew flew in to roost on the Shunan (AL note, a cannon netting event might be profitable?). A couple of Ravens were around and about. The Chaffinch appears to have gone and the Song Thrush didn't song.

Much of the afternoon was spent getting kites out of trees, eventually successfully. After initial fun the kites were "freed" and both ended up in our neighbours trees. Tree climbing, long pipes, rope and step ladders eventually did the trick. The final straw was seeing the helium balloon (not one of my favourite things) drifting off over the fields, "I thought it would be safe in the garage dad." "Wrong, child, wrong!"


Stewart said...

Steady on Alastair, nowt wrong wi'the Broon.... :)

Nick Carter said...

Are you taking part in the Garden Moth Scheme (GMS) this time?