Friday, 2 July 2010

House points

Help with this gratefully appreciated, same above. Snout, thanks Andy and Sydney.

Currently trying to build up my supply of house points for birding later in the autumn or some extreme mothing. Thus not too much to report. A Sparrowhawk in the garden caused the Swallows some alarm. Big catch of moths Tuesday night including Peppered Moth which is listed as a vagrant here. Also a couple of things I'm really struggling with one of which may be Minor Shoulder-knot (no decent pix as yet) but the other I have not a clue.

A bit of a resurgence of Sandy Carpet as a prowl around the garden just now easily found two.

Peppered Moth (2nd Orkney record - excellent)

Small Square-spot


AndyC said...

is it a snout without a snout.??

Alastair said...

That seems possible as it doesn't seem to be in the macro book ...