Friday, 2 July 2010

My first rare

No not this one, which I think is Middle-barred Minor, although it doesn't seem quite right. But another moth from Tuesday night, Peppered Moth (see photo below) was the second county record, the first being found on Hoy in 1996. Nice.

Male Hen Harrier feet from through the garden today, a Kestrel hovering directly over the house (what's on the roof then?) and the afore mentioned tern disasters were the other noteworthy features.


AndyC said...

The first of many,I reckon

julian said...

Looks like middle-barred minor to me. Must get my trap out!

Alastair said...

Thanks Julian. I caught another on Monday night, along with lots of other things, I'll post some pictures, Gold Spot was especially smart. Yes, moths are good at the moment so much so that I'm reducing the number of nights I trap because I can't cope with the outcome! This evening looks a likely evening I reckon, if you want to come and see the outcome tomorrow give me a ring.