Sunday, 25 July 2010

Waders, moths, dipping; not much changes

Two Black-tailed Godwits and eight Dunlin on The Shunan yesterday. They'd gone today, leaving one or two Dunlin but Teal (quacker, not wader) are now at 12.

Very annoying Friday, Little Egret flew across the road below the house seen by another birder. I was in at the time, subsequently AL relocated the bird up the road at Dounby, minutes after I'd driven past the very spot on the way to watch fish (snorkling) and I didn't have my phone with me so failed to look for it even on the way back some hours later; so it goes. Flounder Platichthys flesus was ticked anyway, plus a small silver job that I couldn't (surprise, surprise) ID.

The very irritating Sedge Warbler has now moved to sing further away but in view of the garden, if I get perfect viewing conditions. A concerted effort is required methinks or this species will go the way of the various others I have dipped from the "from the garden" list.

No mothing last night but the evening before I did well enough. Still struggling with brown Noctuids but I think I'm beginning to get a handle on them. It's looking good for this evening.

Northern Spinach - thanks Andy

Is this a worn Dusky Brocade? - having caught more I think so

Udea lutealis

I seem to have been making a mistake with another micro, asigning them to Udea olivalis, however, I caught the genuine thing again yesterday and now realise that the smaller duller species is something different, need to get some pix.


AndyC said...

It may be Northern Spinach..but its very worn.??

Alastair said...

Yes quite worn, think I got another yesterday, in the cooler, no time to look today as went over to Hoy. Thanks again for your help.