Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Popped along to Loch of Skaill after work. There are still two Little Stints there and a Greenshank.

I thought these Dunlin were quite interesting. I reckon the darker bird is unusual looking with a very long bill and extensive very dark blotching on the breast sides and onto the belly. Aging the bird as an adult (the other one is an adult too) I had a look at BWP to see if the American races are distinguishable at this time of year but it was difficult to unpick the information and Prater and Marchant indicated that hudsonia has only faint breast streaking, this bird has heavy breast streaking so I guess these birds are both alpina, the bills do look especially long though.

There were plenty of duck on Skaill with a good few Goldeneye present.

Back home there were two Song Thrushes in the garden first thing indicating a bit of movement going on, The Shunan still has too much water in it though.

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