Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Birding accidents and other business

Steve, over at North Downs and Beyond, Yet Again mentioned a car crash that he was in many years ago whilst en route to Dungeness one evening. Reminiscing I recalled: "Steve,
I was in that car too, driven by a now very well known moth-er I recall, his dad's car. We slammed into the back of a parked vehicle outside a chippy and the owner came out and asked if we always stopped like that or did we sometimes use brakes. We were rescued by a birder whose subsequent stunts included out-running the feds on the Rye - Dungeness road and producing a Kiwi Fruit on demand on Bardsey, (impossible things to request whilst staying on a small offshore island which has no shop). Anyway, back to the tale, he simply bent the broken bits of car back into shape by hand after we'd escaped the rather bad tempered folkies.

I once had a Storm Petrel puke into my open mouth when I was taking it out of the top shelf of a mist net, nice ...."

New video in the side panel from For The Sea - help the planet and sea creatures in particular, take your own bags when you go shopping.

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