Sunday, 22 May 2016

There's a cokcok in the garden

I was birding at Palace when the text came through, could not figure it out at all so texted back to younger daughter. Reply came through, Cookcoo, now I was with it. Two years since I saw or heard one at home. I didn't exactly rush back though and dipped, and although I spent much of the rest of the day in the garden, no sign.

This Pied Wag was very cooperative as I went down the track this morning. At Palace I saw a couple of these...
Still moving through, White Wagtail.

Indeed it was a day for black and white things at Palace, well this was more white.

A very pale adult Iceland Gull.

And the Brent Geese were still there although a little elusive at times and hiding round at The Links.

There were three Carrion Crows amongst the Hoodies but I didn't manage to photograph them.

 More gratuitous Harbour Seal pix - surprised and...

having a laff...

Back at the ranch there are branchers in the rookery.


This one was out.


Now for some colour from our wee wood

Pink Purslane

Spanish Bluebell


Nick Carter said...

Some great photos there mate, new camera?

Alastair said...

Yes the SX50 got dust on the sensor so I upgraded to the SX60. My worries from reviews that images would be a bit softer were entirely unfounded and the images are really lovely and sharp. I would recommend this camera currently available for under £270 with Canon cashback (bit of a hassle to get the £30 back tho). The macro is pretty good as well.

Nick Carter said...

Is it easy for a non-photographer numpty to use (ie me!)