Thursday, 12 July 2018

Yellow Shell, Stonechats, talking beetles, Orcas and some plume moths

A bit grumpy early on (decorating is not my favourite thing) but went off to Brodgar and once on the RSPB fields and path at the Stenness side where there are no people I started to find some moths. Udea lutealis was first for the year, there were a few of those and I've photos of a few things I still need to sort out, including a very pale thing that I think is a leucistic Twin-spot Carpet. Best though was this Yellow Shell what a brilliant little moth.

Yellow Shell

A bit further along and there was a pair of Stonechat, the male was especially smart.

Male Stonechat

I'd intended to go and look for the Large Heaths near Finstown but aborted that idea, too hungry. A beetle related phone call took me to Stromness and once there, chatting beetles and poo over a cuppa (thanks for the beautifully mounted Aphodius specimens LL) the phone went off with a message about nearby Orcas. In a bit of a blur four folk cleared the house and picking up the rather distant vehicle we eventually got to Ness to see quite distant whales. Things looked good for Warbeth so we headed off there for better views. The pod were hunting seals close inshore and amazing views were obtained. The bull Orca was a seriously large beast.

Bull Orca

Will add another video and some more pictures later.

Late on went for an evening stroll and finally managed to net some plume moths, look like Hoary Plume and Brown Plume. Hoary seems to have a golden brown colour when seen on the wing, quite distinctive.


Nick Carter said...

Phwooooar!! Fantastic!

ceinwyn thomas said...

What a fantastic treat. Not the West Coast community of John Coe either!

Alastair said...

They were ace, best views I've had, and loads better than the views of the three bulls in the spring, miles away in the fog.