Monday, 12 August 2019

Hoy Hares

We went to Hoy today to go up Ward Hill and try to find Mountain Hares. This species is introduced on Hoy but the population is long established I believe. It was not hard to find the hares and total for the walk was probably in excess of 25, they are hard to count.

Mountain Hares

Amongst other interesting finds were this blue staining Boletus and Green Tiger Beetle.

 The camera decided the grass was more interesting than the Boletus (which could well be new for the county) but at least the pictures shows the shape and colour of the cap. It is new for the county Boletus luridiformis! Well chuffed with that. I always find something good on Ward Hill.

Boletus to be identified - Boletus luridiformis (with thanks to JB and LH for their ID skills).

Green Tiger Beetle


 Bog Asphodel

Club Moss



Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Interesting that the ears are so short compared to the brown hare

Alastair said...

Yes they do look very different in structure, we went to Cairngorm recently and saw none, there used to be hundreds there but the grouse shooting estates remove them now I believe.