Monday, 28 September 2009

Sea, rain, sea, rain, sea ...

Two seawatching sessions yesterday produced the lowest Fulmar passage since I landed in August, at one point yesterday morning down to 35 an hour. So it was surprising that in the afternoon the sea gave up a proper "Blue Fulmar" - what I would term a double dark morph with full gery blue head, body and wings, smart. Prior to this bird I'd seen two rather scruffy looking darker individuals which were either dark pale morphs or they needed a bath.

Also on offer was a Black-throated Diver, passing conveniently with a Red-throat in tow, three juvenile Arctic Terns and various other bits and bats. At the end of the day nine (I think) Dark bellied Brent Geese almost flew in the car-hide window (thus the counting problem, too close and too quick) a wrestle with the ignition and the rain spattered west window descended, fast draw with the bins and I'm just about sure it was nine that disappeared along Birsay beach.

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Nick Carter said...

Posh sea watching hides you have up there, electric windows no less! bet they've got piped music also?