Saturday, 15 May 2010

Old Whiskers ticked at last

Beardy is the large fella in the middle

I finally caught up with the Bearded Seal. Deciding to look on the slip as I returned from the airport with visitors, who were equally impressed with the curly whiskered one.

The airport trip also allowed me to look for the Dotterel but they were sadly absent.

Back home the same visitors found Whitethroat in the garden whilst I was making tea, I rushed out to see it flit through the gateway into the neighbour's where it proceeded to sing and generally show off; nice one NC.

The Short-eared Owl was seen as I returned from doing a farm survey this morning. Also over the moors displaying were two very nice dark phase Arctic Skuas which swooped around the car.

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Andrew Huyton said...

Nice one guys, very quiet down here.