Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Lunar eclipse

The evening before

Eclipse Moon over the byre

Eclipse Moon over Dounby from Mirbister

The eclipse was superb, reports that it would not be visible from Orkney proved to be false and totality was achieved just before the Moon slid behind the cloud in the west.

Venus shone brightly once at work and the scope provided viewing for children and adults alike. In the late afternoon Jupiter replaced it in the south-eastern sky.

Louise had meanwhile headed to Maes Howe where the solstice Sun shone into the tomb, apparently quite mystical.

On the avian front a Sparrowhawk was hunting Blackbirds around the byres well before dawn.


Nick Carter said...

Is Maes Howe likely to be the one Sandra said she had heard talked about on the radio, only happens once in a long while, have to book to get in to see it??

Alastair said...

That would be the one. Although several days either side of the solstice are also good for the effect, as long as the Sun shines and the cloud and mist are banished.