Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Melt and behaviour

The thaw is here and over the last two days the snow has all but gone. The open water still seems to be frozen. I've already mentioned Moorhens coming into the garden during the snow. I watched one fly off down the neighbouring field this evening, leaving for The Shunan maybe. Most of our Greenfinch gradually left over the periods of snow and cold, usually there are 8 or 9 at least, for the last week there has been one or two. A Goldfinch appeared yesterday, perhaps indicating birds moving about as temperatures rose.

Song Thrush were much more visible or were just present, but only one at a time it seemed, usually this species does not appear around our feeders. Interestingly on the two occasions the one present died or was predated a new bird appeared under the feeders within a day or two. I suspect this species might be much more vulnerable to predation during cold weather and snow because it changes its feeding behaviour in order to survive the weather conditions?

Last year's winter weather cleared out our Stonechats and they didn't return. I wonder how Wrens will fair this year. Grey Heron seem to be surviving by feeding in the burns and flowing ditches which haven't frozen.

The sudden thaw and "warmth" has brought out the Winter Moths 11 on the kitchen windows this evening

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