Sunday, 5 December 2010


The broken cart in our garden

The rookery next door

A Peregrine sat on a fence post a short field beyond the kitchen window for half an hour or so this morning, time for us all to admire her anyway. Looks like the first year that was terrorising The Shunan and Bosquoy during the autumn. I'm guessing the "she" as she's a large beast. I failed to get decent pix as she spotted my rather feeble attempt to stalk her.

Peregrine from the kitchen


A wander through the neighbouring tetrad prodeced excellent views of Sparrowhawk and Kestrel.


The quartet of raptors was completed by a ringtail quartering the ditches to our east. Not much else to report other than Whoopers narrowly avoiding the "in the garden" list again, calling low over our heads as we set off for our neighbours' mid afternoon.

Hoy hills, late afternoon


Stewart said...

Love the pic of the peregrine on the post Alastair, just like a painting, superb.

Nick Carter said...

I agree, brilliant photos!

Alastair said...

Thanks guys, the photo of the Peregrine was actually taken from the garage (next to the kitchen). I reckon this is the beast that I was cursing in the summer as she kept flushing all my waders off The Shunan. I'm delighted that she's still going strong. These are probably the best prolonged, close views off Peregrine I've ever had, with the bonus that Louise and both the girls could admire her too.