Sunday, 6 March 2011

Bird racing

A pretty good day out mostly in the West Mainland but with the last part of the day spent East. Best birds were Common Redpoll at Dale, Swanney and Bullfinch at Finstown. We managed one Wren, one Redwing and no Snipe. Best laid plans that went awry, Goosander (seen well yesterday), Snow Buntings and Stonechat (also seen yesterday).

Our very organised team leader returning from a bit of a grouse

The team total was 91 with the total species seen by all teams being 98. Also available were Siskin (at Queenamida, a mile up a rough track), the afore mentioned Goosander, Surf Scoter (most likely) and probably Black-throated Diver, Red-necked Grebe and Little Auk but it was a tad rough on the sea.


dafi said...

Well done, that was a great effort!!

Alastair said...

Thanks Dafi, it was good fun (if a bit knackering). Now what is the Orkney day total record? .....