Sunday, 20 March 2011

Garden days

Lots of jobs to do in the garden so I didn't go anywhere much this weekend and it was quiet in Harray (apart from the Song Thrush and the Rooks. see video at the bottom of this post.

By special request, a picture of the pup

The cold weather has put the Oystercatchers back in loafing mood, they are no longer piping suicidally inches from the road but are back on The Shunan sitting around. The putative Yellow-legged Gull of earlier in the week did not reappear. The huge Pink-feet flock behind the house has dwindled from about 1000 to just 20 or so.

Good clouds

I've been trying to write up the Lapland Bunting influx of the autumn. It seems that this sort of influx has not occurred for quite a while and I've been reading references from the 60s.

Ah, the video won't upload, I'll try again tomorrow.


Nick Carter said...

Great photo, nice dog :)

Will try and proof read the article this week, initial look suggests its fine as it is.

Alastair said...

Thanks Nick, yes I especially like the lower clouds photo

heavy birder said...

A dog, thats a suprise Al, I thought you were a cat person like me.

Alastair said...

It was a surprise to me too and to the cats, offspring pressure I'm afraid I finally caved in.