Thursday, 29 September 2011

On a roll

Funny this birding lark. You go weeks and weeks flogging away, searching the same places and the rewards are a Curlew Sand or a Pom then everything changes and you find a decent bird every time you go out.

I had a brief wander around the garden this afternoon, I didn't have much time as I had Dad stuff to do and the offspring were impatient. But it was still and there were birds. A Chaffinch, then three, two Wrens, six or seven Blackbirds, 2 Robins at least, a Reed Bunting. Thought I heard a Goldcrest which would be a garden tick. Then, there in front of me was a garden tick, a Barred Warbler. I don't find many passerines and this is a species I've not found before. Delight, especially as it gave cracking views whilst it fed in the soft afternoon light in the Sycamores. Didn't cross the wall line into our garden but a "from the garden" tick nonetheless. The camera was in the kitchen of course, and after I'd ran and got it all I managed was a blur.

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