Sunday, 9 February 2014


I don't believe I've ever seen such a Pochard flock. Loch of Bosquoy has held flocks of more than 800 in the past but this afternoon on the way to a fruitless search for the Bean Goose at Voy I came across a flock of 1470 in Rango Bay on Loch of Harray, that's a lot of Pochard.

The first Black-headed Gull of the year on the patch was nice, could have done with that a couple of weeks ago. Also a flock 35 Mepits by The Shunan was a surprise and late afternoon 34 Twite flew into the garden. The Oystercatchers have arrived in force with 70 on the fields after the first ones have been heard at night flying over mid-week, so noisy time returns. The Rooks were again showing some interest in the rookery but continue not to roost. And lastly three Robins feeding around the feeders on Saturday morning and singing on and off were a further sign that stuff is on the move.

Dip of the week was the aurora on Friday which appeared after it clouded up by all reports.

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