Sunday, 10 August 2014

Lepidoptera and waders

Did the moth trap first thing, I'd put it around the back and it was a bit disappointing, this was of interest tho. I think it is Square Spot Rustic, and just a grey colour form, this species is usually a deep rich brown here, any help welcomed.

I then walked around The Links at Palace, 91 Small Tortoiseshell and 4 Painted Lady.

 The field they were all in

When I got home there were 20 or so Small Tortoiseshell in the garden and one Painted Lady, a garden tick.

Next up, scanning around and a Green Sand flew across The Shunan, a year tick and a tricky one for the patch at that. Gardening involved taking all the vegetation off the tatties as we seem to have blight, removing the caterpillars off the kale and broccoli and cutting the somewhat bolted caulis.

Then off to Palace again where at high tide in failing light there were two Ruff on the beach. To the Loons where no sign of Swallows or the rumoured Hobby but a Greenshank called.

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