Monday, 24 November 2014

Goose count day

I don't see Bean Geese very often, these were the first I've seen on Orkney. I can't remember having such good views in the past. They weren't on my count patch, well worth a brief, end-of-the-day detour to Deerness though. Fabialis race, looked like six adults and one juvenile.

 On the count patch there were 4,852 Greylags and  539 Pink-feet. One of the Greylags had a silver neck collar, I should get the history of this bird shortly.

Flodid, nr.Blondous, Austur-Hunavatns
Work, St.Ola, Orkney HY4713 27/11/2000
Blackhall, St.Ola, Orkney HY4712 10/01/2001
Work, St.Ola, Orkney HY4713 11/01/2001
Blackhall, St.Ola, Orkney HY4612 25/01/2001
Yintsay, Tankerness, Orkney HY5110 04/03/2001
Wester Watten, Caithness ND2355 18/10/2002
South of Asbrekka, Vatnsdal, Austur Hunavatnssysla 65;36N+20;22W 19/04/2003
Blackhall, Kirkwall, Orkney HY4712 01/03/2006
Flodid, Vatnsdalur, Hunafjordur, ICELAND 65;28N+20;21W 28/09/2006
Blackhill, St.Ola, Orkney HY4612 23/11/2007
Kirkwall, Orkney HY455117  23/11/2014    
Many of these everywhere today, and Blackbirds as well, autumn is still here.

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