Saturday, 22 November 2014


It lashed it down last night and for much of the day, it has begun to feel a little more like winter and less like autumn but tonight there were a surprising number of insects on the wing, caught in the glare of the torch as Cora and I walked the stubble.

Various things have not got done today, like decorating the bathroom, which now has new floor, new ceiling and new bath panel, but no thanks to me (well other than paying for it I guess). Newly purchased bathroom tiles are still in their boxes, undercoat still in its tin.

The notable bird of the day was a Merlin, a male glimpsed through the trees as I ventured out briefly once the rain had ceased. No time to explore further as ponies require feeding and we were out of hay. The trailer hitched up and bounced down the track, which continues in an unrepaired state due to the water.

The month has not been without its moments, a great Fieldfare day with them pouring through all one morning, the Red-breasted Goose which I finally caught up with, and Goosander and Jack Snipe at Bosquoy on a couple of occasions.

 Loch of Bosquoy

 Eynhallow evening

 The first Stonechat since winter of 2010/11 which wiped them out

 Jack Snipe away!


Nick Carter said...

Great stuff Alastair, been missing your posts

AndyC said...

Nice , snipe shot...............

Alastair said...

Thanks guys, more to come...