Monday, 22 February 2016

No birding, flu (not bird flu)

Some photos from the previous weekend, 13th 14th, totally conked out this weekend.

 Nisthouse evening

 Loch of Bosquoy shore

 The returned, now making a noise in a field somewhere nearby

 Checking the plough here is often productive. An early Lesser Black-backed Gull was the first thing I picked out, then an adult Ice, and lastly this very striking, very white, 3cy Ice.

Writing a few species for the bird report whilst I've been out of action and starting to write up the Swift thing from last August. It's interesting trying to tie in the insect data (for Silver Y, Painted Lady and Red Admiral) to the Swifts. There is quite a bit of data from North Ron, Fair Isle, Shetland and Orkney but getting information from elsewhere will I suspect prove to be tricky.

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