Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Invasion - what does it mean?

Millions of the tiny migrant moth Diamond-back have arrived in the county, the garden and any sheltered spot is full of them. As the afternoon shifts to evening they begin to fly and yesterday evening it appeared were generally heading north. On Friday night there were 116 in the MV but in perfect catching conditions on Saturday night there were 414. Today there did seem fewer about and last night the MV caught only 15 or so, but I over-slept and it was a clear bright night. There have been other migrant insects also with four Painted Ladies, Silver Ys in the MV and four Dark

 The invading force has arrived

Quite likely a migrant also, Angle Shades

Silver Y a classic migrant

I don't see many of these, Dark Sword-grass

Star moth of the last few days is this Glaucous Shears, a tick

I'm writing at nearly midnight and have just finished watering the garden, at 1:00 this morning there was still a very healthy glow in the sky. The not getting dark is odd, even after being here for seven years it is still odd.

Having dipped on Cuckoo last month when younger daughter got one in the garden I was finally rewarded this morning as I fettled the moth trap, first one in the garden for two years.

There are also hundreds of these about at the moment, Cocksfoot Moth, Loch of Bosquoy

I had come across the CMs here before but this was new for me -


Hoverflies have been pretty good too with these my favourites

A slightly confusing Helophilus hybridus, thanks to Roger Morris for confirming this

This one was more typical and an easier ID

Eupeodes corollae

Both these species are potentially migrants also.

Other than the Cuckoo it's all been a bit quiet on the bird front the odd Redpoll has popped in on the feeders or flown over but mostly it's checking on the breeding birds... a flyby Bee-eater wouldn't go amiss.

Sitting on a post means just one thing...

Something's awry

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