Sunday, 12 March 2017

WeBS - foggy

Rather a poor start to the day but eventually got out to do the WeBS. By the time I got to Sabiston it was just too bright and sorting the duck out was pretty much impossible. However, I did manage to pick out three Black-tailed Godwits from the silhouettes .

The Lesser Scaup was still atLoch of Boardhouse but star bird there was undoubtedly this....

Patch gold, never seen one on the Palace patch before, digiscoped.

Back in Harray I finally managed to find a Short-eared Owl scanning from the Merkister Bay out towards Howaback. In every other year I have seen Short-eared Owl in January, so just two months late. Other observers here are reporting the species as scarce, mostly stoats reducing Orkney Vole populations are being blamed, but there are few stoats in this part of the West Mainland ( with only one confirmed sighting on the patch. Two Lesser Black-backed Gulls flew through Bosquoy on Sunday morning, first of the year.

 This hare was sunbathing at times as I watched him.

Greylags - Pinkies about in some numbers at the moment too.

At Brodgar, Loch of Harray, a stop-off during driving lessons for elder daughter.

 Burn rushing

Merkister, Loch of Harray

Sheds, Loch of Bosquoy

Under the feeders

Reed Bunting

Scathophaga stercoraria, first of the year, Loch of Sabiston.

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