Thursday, 27 July 2017


 Drama at the bottom of the track, if I'd looked up I would have seen it happen.

The farm soon sorted it out though.

 Cheilosia illustrata

 Hemipteran to be identified - Leptopterna ferrugata (see comments below, thanks Gibster)
Female, (part-winged) so 2nd antennal segment broader than base of front tibia, which seems correct.

After midnight looking north


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Looks like a shoot for bloody Top Gear

Gibster said...

Your hemipteran looks to be the Mirid bug Leptopterna ferrugata, which is known from Orkney. Here's the link to the British Bugs page for the species.

Alastair said...

Thanks Gibster will check that out, loads of them on the trackway east of us.

Alastair said...

Simon, yes impressive skid marks on the road.