Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Sun.... gone.

But it has its advantages, the wind by the cliffs was mighty on Saturday, lots of seabirds manouvering near the edge.


TC and I had a struggle walking at times, not quite strong enough to blow us over, but progress could be tricky.

I've been light trapping, a few nice moths:

Epiblema scutulana (most likely).


Poplar Hawkmoth.

Common Pug

Small Phoenix.

This Phyllobius viridicollis was in amongst the rhubarb as younger daughter chopped it for tea. The rhubarb patch is surrounded by nettles.

Phyllobius viridicollis.

Deleaster dichrous.

Always nice to see Deleaster dichrous, an occasional intruder in the light traps.

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