Saturday, 10 September 2022

Autumn stuff.

There was a fall here. Easterly winds and bad weather for days eventually produced a drop of birds. This was mostly apparent out on the islands, although at Birsay yesterday there were a lot of Wheatears.

Northern Wheatear.

Usually, if something of this is going to occur on the West Mainland, especially inland on the patch, it will be a day or so later. I'm keeping an eye on the hawthorn hedge for a shrike.

At Birsay, an Osprey went through, putting everything up.

Osprey and pursuers.

In the last week I've had two Convolvulous Hawk-moths and two new micros, as previously mentioned Ancylosis oblitella may be new for Scotland. The other new one, which I needed help to identify, was Matilella fusca which is NFM and I don't believe is very frequent here. The trap's out again tonight, but clear skies and a full moon are not especially promising conditions.

Convolvulous Hawk-moth, number 2, lower photo is just before it flew off this evening.

Matilella fusca, thanks to SS, BS and UKMothID for the identification.

Lastly, an unwelcome resident at the bottom of our road.


Despite a good number of traps nearby and a few years of effort, Stoats still live along our road.

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